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Bags should always clean

Cappuccino Bag, satchel follow people out on various occasions, however, many people have ignored its health, it was a year or so before wiping dirt bag surface, it was never even clean.

Leave the body after a long day package used for some time may become filth. The bag is usually filled with the need for frequent access to items such as keys, cell phones, paper towels, these items itself with a lot of bacteria and dirt; there are often put into the bag of food, books, newspapers, etc., there may be dirt band into the bag. The health status of the bag surface is worse because many people in the restaurants, railway stations and other public places, taking a seat, shut the bag on a table, a chair, windowsill, back home on the couch and go out and throw it more easily contaminated with bacteria.

Therefore, it should be cleaned periodically carry-on bag. Most people now use the bag, its surface is generally used plasticizer and colorant-treated, one case of an organic solvent, will quickly dissolve, allowing leather dull, stiff, so it is best to use a dedicated leather cleaner agents for cleaning, not only decontamination, sterilization, but also to become more shiny leather. Dirt is difficult to remove, you can wipe gently with a rubber, then apply leather care oil. Dirt seams can be removed with an old toothbrush.

As for cleaning the inside of the bag, you can put the fabric turned out, brush the dirt side brush clean crevices, and then use a soft cloth dipped in diluted neutral detergent, wring the water, carefully wipe cloth. After grazed again with detergent, then wipe with a dry cloth, then placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, be careful not to put sun exposure.

If the cloth, clean up is much simpler, can be directly soaked in water with liquid detergent or soap to wash, but note that it is best to come in valgus package, carefully cleaned.

Since the bag is impossible to clean every day, usually careful not to put dirty things to the bag, easy crumbs items to be packaged and easy to drain liquid tight and put it; every week should organize a bag of items found dirt cleaned . In addition, bags and satchel not readily put, it is best to hang it up.